Our Team

Anya Fang

Anya (she/hers) is a UX researcher & designer that believes that great design can save lives! ⭐️ Coming from a background in public health and psychology, she values human-centered and culturally responsive design principles when working with diverse populations. In addition to research, she specializes in graphic/web design, photography, and brand development.

Xinyu Hartshorn

Xinyu (she/they) is a self-taught artist based in Northern California. She mainly works with graphite, acrylic paint, and vector illustrations. Common themes for their art include queer love, pop culture, mental health, and Asian American culture.

Vanessa Tran

Vanessa (she/hers) is a community health advocate driven by social justice principles. Her advocacy work in different fields such as education equity, Asian American health, and mental health has mostly been in communications and external relations. In her free time she enjoys reading about astrology, spirituality, cooking new recipes!

Colleen Yu

Colleen graduated from UC Berkeley in 2020 with a background in biology and Asian American Community Health. She is an aspiring healthcare worker advocating for higher quality of care and accessibility to transparent services. She has been helping her family-owned printing company with digital printing and the designing process.

Tiffany Chan

Tiffany is a recently graduated UC Berkeley student with a BA in Public Health, BS in Nutritional Sciences, and Certificate in Asian American Community Health. She currently works as a COVID-19 case investigator and volunteers with ACCESS: Reproductive Justice as a practical support and health-line volunteer. Tiffany previously served as a health advocate at Highland Hospital in Oakland, and she has taken part in the movement for campus-based medication abortion as a member of SURJ at Berkeley, as a liaison to the Women’s Foundation, and as a mentee in a qualitative study examining California public universities’ access to medication and first-trimester abortion. 

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